Fighting Hunger in Southern California

Our Mission

It takes a spoonful of kindness to calm a rumbling tummy

Millions of people lack access to the most basic needs to feel safe and healthy including shoes, food, clothing, and housing, on a daily basis. The lack of shoes and clothes leads them to extreme vulnerability to illnesses, harsh environments, and lack of focus to achieve their goals as they are unable to meet their needs at the very basic level. Homelessness and hunger go hand in hand. And homeless people deserve support from the community too.

Blessings Foundation was founded to meet the needs of the homeless community as our strength is in being an outcome-driven organization. We strive to make a life-changing impact on individuals and entire communities by providing them hope, basic needs support, and opportunities, and transforming the lives of men, women, and children who are doing their utmost to break free from the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Housing is not enough to end homelessness. We serve and reach out to the homeless community through street outreach programs and once we engage with them, we provide support that ranges from food, clothing, housing, education, jobs, and much more helping them to meet their most immediate needs and build resources to address long-term challenges.Our goal is to provide more necessities to those on the street while improving and sustaining the overall well-being
and health of people experiencing homelessness by removing the dehumanization of handouts and empowering
them to possess dignity and enjoy the benefits that come with good hygiene and choices.

Such efforts result in diverting excess food from landfills to ensure that one in four people facing food insecurity does not end their day hungry. We want to not only address homelessness but foster a tightly knit community enriching healthy peaceful lives. We also educate them on upholding healthy conditions and maintaining their hygiene even with scarce resources. Let’s make the world a better place and alleviate those in need with kindness and compassion as our strategy is basic, but the impact is majestic.

Holiday Drives

  • We are delivering hope to children at Christmastime and beyond!
  • Our wonderful group of volunteers was able to collect and provide toys for children this year through programs such as Toys for Tots, our community outreaches , etc. 
  • We would like to give a big thanks to Walmart,  Smart & final and Big 5 for sponsoring as well as Toys for Tots.


  • Our wonderful volunteers is out in our community delivering food to those who are in need.