About Us

The founder of “Blessings Foundation Inc.” is Msessie Hollis who grew up in Orange County, CA. Growing up as a child, her mother and siblings were homeless for a period of time sleeping in bus stations, cars, and shelters.


Now a  mother who raises three boys and the oldest child is special needs with autism. Msessie has started her realtor business and now wants to give to those who are in need.


She has been providing food and other helpful items to the homeless for 3 years doing it every other month or as much as she could with her schedule.


It was in her heart that she should create a non-profit organization with her family and go around monthly with 150 to 200 bags for the homeless and drive around to the homeless to give them food, love, and encouragement. The members of "Blesing Foundation INC" are Msessie Hollis C.E.O, Natasha G. Treasurer and Lakechia M. Secretary.